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At TopLine, we have made over a thousand animations that have been viewed millions of times and our clients keep coming back – they’ve described us as “accommodating”, “fantastic”, “creative”, “highly professional” and “diligent”. Whether you’re looking for character-based or abstract, or a 2D or 3D animation, our team will create an animated video production that highlights your brand at its very best.

From fintech, to publishing, education, insurance, recruitment, energy, IT, healthcare, local government, retail or manufacturing, we’ll take a detailed brief, reflect on it as a team and then use one of our weekly creative brainstorming workshops to generate a selection of ideas and concepts to present back to you. These ideas will range from the tame to the zany, but they will all answer your brief and be realistic within your resource constraints.

Picture of a cardboard robot on the video animation company page.

Animated video production works best when…

…you nail the brief

Briefing a video animation company is arguably the most important part of the process. A good brief needs to cover everything from objectives and KPIs to target audience, budgets, and timelines, to where this animation or explainer video sits within your wider marketing strategy. If you don’t already have a comprehensive brief before you meet with us, our expert producers can help you create one.

…the script works

A good animation script prioritises the story over all else, but then carefully and subtly weaves in your corporate messaging. It should also cater to the medium of animation by considering where visuals should be used to complement words and where they should take precedence. It takes experience and brutal editing to produce a short, punchy script that achieves all of this.

…the style is natural

Choosing the right style (2D, 3D animation, character, stop-motion, motion graphics) and design tends to come naturally once you’ve finalised the brief and the messaging. We will help you decide what will work best for your particular requirements and call on you for input throughout the process – the best animated video productions are collaborative.

…you care about sound

Music, voice over and sound effects heighten visuals and emotions in ways that your audience can’t even articulate. Fortunately, we have a database of over 30,000 exceptional voice over artists to choose from and a talented musician (she once played Glastonbury Festival!) on staff to help you select the perfect track for your video.

…we collaborate

We do our best work when we combine our production experience with your deep knowledge of your company, its values, messages and customers. We provide you with style frames that offer a provisional glimpse of how characters, objectives and environments will look in the final animation and we always make sure to develop a short preview so that you get to provide your input as the final version emerges.

…we follow a process

With over a thousand animations under our belt, we’ve learned a lot about the best way to approach these types of projects. Our production process has been honed and refined for over a decade and we are pleased to say it is now pretty slick. We never forget the important little details like licensing music, saving to your preferred file formats and tailoring different versions to different distribution channels.

We’ve worked with TopLine on quite a few projects, mainly on digital animations. They are great to work with, and always deliver on budget and on time. They are flexible, accommodating, and take the time to understand our requirements.

Andy Woodbridge Senior Brand Development and Media Manager, Cambridge University Press

We hope we’ve convinced you that we’re the video animation company for you. Now contact our managing director, Jamie, to discuss your brief.

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