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When you engage TopLine to produce your social media videos, animated graphics, social ads, gifs and animated designs, you benefit from the collective brainpower of a team with over 30 years of video production and animation experience.

Our clients, which include some of world’s most famous brands, consistently recommend us, and have described us as “exceptional,” “highly professional,” “high end,” “responsive,” “creative” and “a pleasure to work with”.

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Our social media animation tips

Know your audience

Before you start, sketch out who your audience is, how and where they will encounter your content, what they like and what they’re likely to respond to.

Test everything

Test different themes, styles and messages throughout the production process to hone your concept so that by the time it launches it is already on a path to success.

Keep it emotional

Animation (when combined with compelling storytelling) has the power to evoke emotion. Your social media animation is much more likely to be watched, liked and shared if it leaves the viewer feeling something.


There are so many distractions on social media that it’s easy to lose your viewer’s attention. Keep your social media videos short and focussed on your core message or take-aways to hold your audience.


Tailoring your social media videos to different social platforms is about more than size and format. Understand how consumers use different social networks and consider how your brand colours work alongside each social platform.


Every social platform has clear guidelines for how to optimise your video content for maximum success. From file names to tags, meta data, transcripts and descriptions, optimising (and detailed keyword research) will make sure your video ranks and remains relevant.

Not only did TopLine do a brilliant job for us, they were a delight to work with. We came to them at short notice with a quick turnaround project and they helped us shape what we needed, made creative suggestions and delivered well produced, informative videos in our time frame. We’re looking forward to working with them on future projects and couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Rebekah Polding Director - Archive, Heritage & Exhibitions, BAFTA

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