Oded SheinMotion Graphics/AnimatorGhost Kid 
Andy de VriesMotion GraphicsMighty Elk 
Arthur BroomeMotion GraphicsArthur Broome
James WignallMotion Graphics/Animator/IllustratorMutant Hands 
Chris ShawMotion Graphics/AnimatorCS Motion
Neil GrunshawMotion Graphics/AnimatorGrunshaw
James PiersonMotion Graphics/AnimatorJames Pierson 
Alexandr PolozunMotion Graphics/AnimatorAlex Polo 
Robert GrievesMotion Graphics/AnimatorRobert Grieves 
David MattockMotion GraphicsDavid Mattock
Simon TibbsMotion GraphicsSimon Tibbs 
Joel SomerfieldMotion Graphics/Animator/Film and TV Title Animation and 2D AnimationOrder
Seb HartzellMotion Graphics/AnimatorSeb
Qais SarhanMotion GraphicsQais Sarhan
Dan ShannonMotion Graphics/AnimatorDan Shannon

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