Distribution networks bring electricity to our communities, powering homes and businesses. Traditionally, they use bare overhead power lines which can be incredibly risky. If humans, wildlife or vegetation interfere with these powerlines, it can be fatal to them and possibly cause power outages or even wildfires.

Amokabel, the leading supplier of covered conductors in Scandinavia, approached us to help them create a 2D animated video showcasing their new Covered Conductors. They wanted an animation style that was engaging, not too childish – sleek and modern – much like their technology.

Covered cables remove the risk of wildfires and increases a network’s reliability compared to its competitors and old designs. They offer a cost-effective and rapid method to increase the resilience of the world’s power networks. Amokabel’s Covered Conductors are quickly becoming the most sustainable solution for utilities around the world.

Amokabel’s brief was ‘sleek, modern, clear and concise.’ We wanted to create something that was informative, yet still visually engaging for the audience. To do this, we produced a style in keeping with the brand look and feel. However, as it’s pretty stripped back we really leant into colour shading, pretty artwork and illustration for the key scenes where we could go into detail on the environment (scene with the landscape, power cables, sky etc). We primarily used their key colour blue alongside a neutral colour palette to tie everything together.

You can watch the film here!

Peter Eriksson, Amokabel’s CEO commented: “Working with TopLine Film was an enjoyable experience. They quickly got familiar with the core arguments for our solution and were very responsive to our feedback. The project consumed very few resources on our side and we couldn’t be more happy about the result and choosing TopLine to support our B2B marketing.“

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