We made a zombie movie starring MS warrior Phillipa Tennick (and Christian O’Connell from Absolute Radio). Here’s how (and why) we did it. 

You know that zombie movie we were talking about making? We went and made it, it’s called Morning Gory, and you can watch it below. Here’s why you should!

 Day of the Dead

Phillipa Tennick – a mother-of-two who lives with multiple sclerosis, and an untapped well of zombie-killing potential – rang The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show to take part in their #Dreammakers initiative. She’d always wanted to star in a zombie movie, and Christian and Absolute Radio were determined to make it happen.

They put out a call for people to help, and TopLine offered to do it for free.

The film was shot on October 24 – starring Phillipa, Christian O’Connell, and Breakfast Show co-host Richie Firth, with a special cameo appearance from Dave Berry (RIP). Over 40 professionals (directors, producers, makeup artists, camera operators, editors, and actors) provided their time and expertise to bring the project to life.

Morning Gory

Morning Gory starts like any other edition of The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show. It’s Nickelback Tuesday, and Phillipa is the guest of honour. Everything’s going swimmingly…right up until Richie starts eating his own fingers.

You’ll have to watch the rest yourself. But rest assured: MS Warrior Phillipa acquits herself very well.

Release and reception

Morning Gory seems to have gone down a treat. Since its release on Halloween, the film has amassed over 83,000 views – and enjoyed a solid critical reception.

“Top acting from Richie, although it looked like he has had some practice eating like that”, wrote one Facebook commenter. “Fantastic…the first time I’ve heard ‘cretin’ used in a Zomedy before”, wrote another.

Several viewers made the same joke about Nickelback Tuesday being “the real horror” of the film, or “the scariest part”, or variations on that basic theme. You’re all hilarious, great minds think alike, etc. etc. Many also clamoured for a sequel. Watch this space…

Most importantly, Morning Gory made Phillipa happy. “Thank you everyone. [It] was a truly amazing experience and everyone involved [was] fantastic.”

Watch Morning Gory today – and be sure to give generously to The Multiple Sclerosis Society

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