Our five best event videos

Event video production is a curious beast: your event video needs to have a clear cinematic perspective and it needs to have a high production value, despite the inconvenient intrusions of real life. Because event videos, more than regular corporate videos, are shaped and defined by how people behave. Your ‘raw materials’ depend entirely on what happens on a specific day and date, and what people say: you don’t get any do-overs or second chances.

So, they’re particularly hard to get right and that’s why, when they’re good, event video productions tend to be really good. Here are five of the best event videos.

Coachella Thank You

A music festival is many things to many people: an opportunity to see artists new and old; a chance to partake in guilt-free substance abuse; a way for stressed-out finance workers, self-taught yoga instructors, and rich teens to cut loose and go feral for a few days.

Coachella’s 2016 Thank You Video is an example of one of the best event videos because it captures this unique, multi-dimensional appeal. It highlights the fun and revelry of attending the festival, seeing the acts, and the communal bond that only those who spend three nights a year getting trashed in a field can enjoy. There are also some fabulous drone shots, and most importantly, the video highlights the best of the festival as a way to attract visitors to attend in future. As we get older, watching this video seems way better than actually going.

IATA and Emirates Airlines Hackathon

There are a bunch of hackathons, and a bunch of hackathon videos, and this is the best one we’ve seen: it merges high event video production values with cinematic flair.

Now, we think hackathons are cool – they’re breeding grounds for innovation – but this is a bigger achievement than you might think. For all intents and purposes, it’s the kind of event that can look like a bunch of nerds in a room. With beautiful b-roll, slow motion, drone footage, and well-chosen interview footage (at one point, the interviewee is only seen in an extreme wide shot), the producers bring out the excitement and the invention of the event.

The choices made during production add to the high quality of the video – the lenses are beautiful – but it’s just as defined by the choices made in post-production: the soundtrack is fun, epic, and the film is edited to match its beat. This video is about much more than an event – it uses the event to promote Emirates’ core messages of supporting innovation, the customer and Dubai.

League of Legends

In less than a decade, gaming has transformed from a niche interest into a bonafide global phenomenon. Nothing captures this better than the success of multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) such as DOTA and League of Legends – where not only do thousands of players log on and do battle against each other online, but thousands more watch them do it.

The experience of watching someone else play a game might not sound like it makes for one of the best event videos – but this League of Legends video captures what makes it so interesting for so many. Shot with the aim of capturing the experience and perspective of an e-sports fan, it uses slo-mo to create a distinct mood, frequently cuts to team and fan reactions, and uses a skilfully deployed ‘Orange is the New Black’-style match cut of people’s faces.

Google Conference Producer

You gotta hand it to Google: the company has a distinctive brand style – from its multicoloured logo to its funky offices to its famous ‘Doodles’ – and it’s one that it never compromises.

In the abstract, enigmatic, music-driven animated opener to its Horizon conference, Google effectively sets the tone for the event: creating a sense of anticipation and mystery befitting one of the most well-known, yet unknowable, companies in the world.

Tough Mudder

A different entry from the others, but no less potent, Tough Mudder captures the grit, determination, toughness, and, well, mud, required to participate in this event. It’s a frantic, pacey video that captures the highs, lows, challenges, and rewards of slogging through the course. It feels, on some level, like a very well-built personal trainer yelling at you in a vaguely motivational way, and that is plainly the tone the producers were going for.

The interview style used gives the impression that footage is being digitally ‘fed’ directly from the event, and snappy, on-beat editing contributes to an impactful, adrenaline-boosting effect. Tough Mudder’s unique vibe is well-represented within shareable, bite-sized, social-media-friendly content. If you’re the sort of person who would sign up to this kind of event, in other words, this video would probably convince you to do so.

And then, after a minute and a half of tough, muddy intensity, it rounds off with an encouraging, beautifully narrated, almost-poetic call to action (CTA). It’s an example of event video production at its best.

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Best Event Videos

At TopLine we love shooting event videos and we’ve filmed all sorts of them over the years, from live events to highlights packages! So, we guess you could say we appreciate a good event video when we see one. Our Production team have compiled what we believe are some of the best event videos out there:

  1. Top of our list has to be an event video made by Apple. As we all know, Apple is all about a slick brand image and this is echoed in their September Event Video released this year. We love the way it starts off as a first-person point of view shot walking through the Apple HQ towards the Steve Jobs Theatre. What an engaging way to open a video and make your audience feel like they’re part of the event. The best bit for us, however, is yet to come… a Hollywood-style short film set in the Apple HQ is then played on the main stage to the Mission Impossible soundtrack. We love how this introductory video is used to introduce the Apple CEO, Tim Cook, onto the stage and think this is an innovative way of making event videos more fun and exciting!
  2. Sticking with the tech giant theme for a moment, we also love this animated event video which opened Google’s Horizon Conference in San Francisco. Check out how seamless and fluid the transitions are between the shapes. The synchronicity between music and animation is also very well designed and considered, you can imagine the impact this had on the big screen!
  3. At TopLine we’re not fans of those event videos with poor lighting, shaky footage and enough time-lapses to make you dizzy. There’s plenty of them out there already. The Tech Open Air 2018 event video, however, is definitely not one of these. We love the vibe this video gives off with its tech-themed music and it’s beautifully composed shots which are edited to the rhythm of the music. The slow-motion filming gives it that glossy look and the editors jump cuts between footage to create an element of excitement from the event is excellent. In fact, it looks so exciting we may have to go next year!
  4. Here is another event video which knows how to recreate a good time. The Broadgate Circle Launch Night event video has a lively music track and cuts very quickly between scenes to create this frantic feel making the event look like somewhere you want to spend your Friday night. We love how a lot of the shots are moving as well creating that dynamic vibe.
  5. Another animated event video that made it to our top 10 is the Toyota Concept-I video that opened the CES 2017 event in Las Vegas! We love how they have managed to capture the driving experience in a very minimal way, using very basic geometric shapes. It’s an animation entirely about driving yet not showing a single visual of a car, instead, communicating it all through the motion.
  6. As proud completers of Tough Mudder ourselves, we couldn’t resist adding their 5K Obstacle Course event video to our Top 10. We love this video as it certainly captures the atmosphere of the day…believe us we’d know! The epic slow-motion footage isolates the action, the fast cutting captures the atmosphere on the day and the spliced-in GoPro footage gives the audience a first-person point of view of what they can expect to see at the competition. The vox-pops from the people taking part is also a nice touch and adds to the excitement of the day. We can’t wait until the next one now!
  7. The Bits and Pretzels 2017 event video is another video you look at and think wow – that’s somewhere we’d like to be! Everything about this video just works, the pace is spot on, the music is epic, the shots are dynamic and the general production value is very high. We especially love how the video starts off slowly and escalates as time goes on.
  8. This animated event video is just so engaging from the start, we can see why Unilever chose to open their event with it in 2013. We love the way the narrative draws you in, how the sound effects bring the animation to life and the seamless swirling transitions between scenes. The whole theme is very epic and futuristic!
  9. Speaking of themes, this year the Semi-Permanent event in Sydney had a theme of creative tension. The opening titles to the event were designed as a representation of what they described as “the story of microorganisms from birth to death”. We love the vibrant colour palette, the swirling transitions, and intricate detail of the animation created by eleven people from different disciplines around the world. Just beautiful!
  10. And last but not least who doesn’t love a bit of Glastonbury! We think this event video perfectly captures the atmosphere of good ol’ Glasto. Created by the BBC, this video has some fantastic shots from above the crowds, on the stage with the acts and throughout the campsite. How could you not make Glastonbury look amazing though? We’ve got our tickets for next year!

So, there you have it, our top 10 best event videos voted by TopLine’s Video Team. Looking to record an event video for your own company? Take a look at our event video company and talk to our Head of Production to discuss your brief.