As a video production company, we know that video can often seem like an alien life form to businesses. You may need help pinning down just what the purpose of your video is, and what you want it to achieve, which any video production worth their salt can help with. However, you’re more likely to have questions about the filming process, what kind of video will deliver on your objectives, and how to market your video once it’s finalised.

To help you get your video off the ground, our team has put together this handy video FAQs list.

What do we do with the video once it’s made?

Your video’s purpose and target audience will determine what platform you choose to show it on. For example, those who want their video to create a buzz tend to post it on social media. By comparison, recruitment videos tend to live on a company landing page, and training videos normally feature on a company’s YouTube channel. This is something a video production company or digital PR agency can advise you on.

Where do we film the video?

The purpose of your video will determine where it’s filmed. For example, if you want to make a recruitment video for a company that comes across as fun and quirky, you don’t want the CEO talking to camera in a boring boardroom with white walls and a pot plant. Instead, you’ll want to film in a space that looks visually interesting and says something about your company. Just make sure you do visit the location beforehand as there are lots of factors that could affect your filming, especially in big cities. Will you be filming near a busy road or airport? Is there construction work happening nearby that will affect your audio recording? These are all things to think about before you begin shooting your video.

How long should our video be?

People consume media in small chunks these days. The average viewer retention when watching a video is 2 minutes – after this, engagement drops significantly. If you’re putting your videos on social media, we’d recommend even shorter – videos should be 10-30 seconds and must work without audio. Your video team can take short social cuts from your full-length video if necessary.

It’s worth noting that some videos will naturally be longer – think training videos, or footage of a panel discussion.

Do we need subtitles?

We always recommend including subtitles in your video for maximum impact, especially for videos that will be posted on social. People are always on the go, and some don’t even bother to turn the sound on when watching a video – especially in Britain, where we’re too self-conscious to play a video out loud on public transport or in a restaurant! Subtitles can also help with SEO, so they’re worth doing for that, too.

Key takeaway: It’s important that your video stands out to your audience both with and without audio. Just don’t forget to make your point quickly to engage viewers, no matter what the format.

How long will it take to make a video? 

The time it takes to make a video really depends on the budget and the content. We can be really busy and shoot loads of content in one day or we can take our time and shoot across a few days. It really just depends on the timeframe we have and what we need to film.

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