Videos CAN generate leads (and we have an award nomination to prove it)

We are delighted to have been shortlisted for an EVCOM London Video Award. The team at EVCOM have deemed our personalised video brochure campaign worthy of a shot at the gong in the Sales of Products and Services category. The award goes to the “most effective consumer-focussed film in support of sales and business development.”

Our campaign was designed around physical video brochures that would be personalised to each individual viewer – a complex undertaking which involved managing several moving parts. But it worked:

We sent out 200 cards to prospects, leading to:

  • 40 conversations, a conversion rate of 20% and the highest we’ve ever had in a campaign.
  • Nine of these conversations turned into clients (exceeding our target of five), and 14 of those conversations are still ongoing.
  • From these clients, we generated £300,000 of revenue: comfortably exceeding our target of £60k.

But the numbers only tell one part of the story. The other part is what people said when they received our cards:

“I’ve got to say that I’m hugely impressed by the card & the personalised msg – kudos!” 

“I was very impressed and assumed I had a high enough lead score to get a high impact piece of marketing.”

“Thank you so much for sending the intriguing video DM!”

“Very impressive, I like it.”

“I did receive your video card and I have to say I was very impressed.”

Jamie Field, TopLine’s managing director, said: “Overall, our video card campaign showed that taking risks and investing in niche projects can seriously pay off. Projects like this one can be difficult to get off the ground and harder to keep in the air – but if the idea’s good enough, if the team is skilled enough, and if you understand your targets, the rewards are always worth it.”


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