There comes a time in every marketer’s career when they’re tasked with creating a corporate video. This is an auspicious and exciting moment. Now is your chance to live the dream and shout ‘Action!’ down a megaphone or create your own fictional characters, if you decide to produce an animated explainer video rather than a live-action one…

While marginally fulfilling childhood fantasies, video production will also throw you into an unfamiliar world of jargon, equipment, technologies and styles. A great corporate video is a career defining move – but if you’re not sure where to start, or have been burnt in the past, we’re here to help.

Live action or animated video?

As great as live action filming is, it’s also rather limited. Even if you triple bonded your house and sold your grandmother to supplement your budget, you wouldn’t be able to shoot your head office out of a rocket and into outer space. It’s just not physically possible. However, you can do all that and more in an animated explainer video – and make it home in time for tea with gran.

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2D, 3D or motion graphics?

Every decision comes with further choice. Now you have to work out which style of animation you want.

This ultimately boils down to what best suits your company’s personality, target audience and tone of voice. As a video company that has earned its stripes, we will make a recommendation. But first we get to know your personal preferences, business objectives and budget.

This is where a comprehensive client brief is worth its weight in Google stocks.

Your animation video agency brief

There are many corporate videos out there that exist merely to tick a box. If you don’t have a concrete business reason for making an animated explainer video, then going ahead is just a waste of money. But your objective doesn’t necessarily have to be customer-focused. Perhaps you want to communicate boring new safety processes to your employees with a memorable video? Or you need to demo best practice sales techniques to new-hires?

Once the objective is clear, you need to define your target audience. If you want your video to boost sales, who precisely are you going after – millennials, farmers, entrepreneurs, retirees? This helps us create the relevant look and feel that will appeal to your viewers.

Download our free eBook – The Guide to Corporate Animations and Explainers – today!

Corporate videos aren’t very long, in fact the most effective ones are around two minutes. This means you can’t throw in all your key messages plus the kitchen sink. Ask yourself what do you absolutely have to communicate? The rest can wait for another video.

Determining your budget is also pretty critical. In fact, it takes a front seat from start to finish – guiding each step of the production process. You may want to recreate Toy Story, but if your budget runs out after one frame – what good is that? Our rather excellent explainer video London-based team also likes to work to a pre-defined deadline. Let us know when you need the video by and why – and we’ll work the schedule around that to make it happen.

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