We asked our team to brainstorm how we could support their positive mental health, and here’s what they suggested.

We’ll be looking at formal ways of implementing many of these techniques over the next few months – watch this space:

  • Encourage people to take lunchtime breaks, including exercising
  • Make the workplace pet-friendly (we’ve already got that one covered)
  • Hold a wellbeing/stress-management workshop
  • Have a breakout area in the office where people can express stress
  • Offer regular massages
  • Build a mental health toolkit with recommended apps and blogs to improve wellbeing
  • Give people the opportunity to take work out to different locations – i.e. coffee shop
  • Encourage walking meetings or different types of meeting locations
  • Train line managers to discuss mental health issues
  • Be open about mental health
  • Hold some work socials during the day so that people can attend even if they have after-work commitments
  • Encourage people to have lunch together
  • Sign up to a mental health/wellness helpline (offering confidential, 24-7 support)
  • Subsidise healthy activities (e.g. yoga and sports)
  • Appoint a mental health champion and get him or her trained in mental health first aid

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