Seeing something fresh from such a familiar franchise doesn’t happen very often, and yet, we’re obsessed with this short animation from Wieden + Kennedy for McDonalds.


We all know why people love McDonalds. Most of us are guilty of thinking more about our fries than the people who served them to us (we don’t blame you). But that’s why films like this are so important. When you’re able to connect deeper with the story behind them, it makes them ever tastier (yes, it’s possible).

We’re Lovin’ It:

  • It’s Fast (Food) Storytelling – In 30 seconds we get a snapshot into the wonderful work the McDonalds team are being recognised for and the unique ways they’re interacting with their customers. Fast food and even faster storytelling.
  • It’s Authentic to its Core – We love how it champions their staff without it feeling like it’s forced or fake.
  • It Speaks to Real People– Real stories and testimonials are powerful in reinforcing a brands value and just why they’re so great (and why you should shop/eat with them!).
  • It’s Perfectly Cast – The voiceovers are curated to feel as though the actual customers are voicing the stories, getting us that extra bit closer to people behind the operation.
  • It Radiates Good Vibes – The stories are positive and uplifting which create a real feel-good feel for the brand.
  • It’s Creatively Crafted – The cut-and-paste scrap book style is wonderfully playful. We love the way it mixes and works in real life assets with animation whilst also staying very on brand.
  • It’s Animations are Awe-Inspiring – The animation style is clean and bright, with art-led character design and beautiful lines elevating the production value.

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