We sent our amazing team of producers, directors, camera operators, editors and animators on a hunt for the internet’s best case study videos. And here’s what they found:


They said: The style, the humour, the way it’s shot. We love it!


They said: The concept behind this case study is so simple: standing desks, but the way they show very detail of the product and app interface is very fluid.


They said: This is basically a recap of a marketing campaign, and the combination of stock imagery and unique footage with the fast pace makes you want to watch ’til the end.


They said: Rather than focusing on one client or customer, this video pulls in CCTV footage, news clips and interviews on the street to bring attention to an important issue and reinforce the company’s CSR activity.

The Puck 

They said: Again focusing on a topical issue, this video combines the viewpoint of doctors and scientists to break down some really complex technology that could easily be misconstrued as silly. Unfortunately, this is more of a pre-case study as we can’t see what the results were.

Microsoft Surface – Breaking Through

They said: Very nicely cut with nice use of archive/user-generated content at the start. We love that it’s a soft sell approach as well. Not so keen on the legal text…

Microsoft Surface – Collaboration

They said: The production value on this is good. It’s slickly produced with a nice pace to it, not overly pushy and it features some cool tech.

Uber Freight 

They said: It’s beer – what’s not to love? This case study is told with a very personal touch and gives a real sense of the experience of being a customer using Uber Freight by including some UI stuff (albeit briefly).

Cisco – New Orleans 

They said: We just love the use of music on this one.

Tesla – Safety First

They said: Nice sound design throughout, but particularly in the intro where it is combined with some lovely macro shots. The typography is also pretty stylish.

Tesla – Electric Mail

They said: A really cool example of finding an interesting customer use case and letting that speak for itself.

Salesforce – Trailblazer

They said: Well shot and edited. A lot of heart went into this film, which draws the viewer in effortlessly to Stephanie’s story.

Aldi – Amanda

They said: Bright, breezy and to the point, all anchored with excellent motion graphic work – this is a great case study video example.


They said: Nicely shot, crisply edited and straight to the point. This short, customer-focused film really stands out.

Onshape – AfterDark Technologies

They said: Great visuals, focused on a highly unusual subject matter, create quite an eye-catching combination.

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