We asked our team of video production experts to sit down with our team of technology PR pros and curate this list of the best cyber security videos. Here’s what they came up with.

Don’t be a Billy by Stay Safe Online

They said: This old-time video doesn’t promote a cyber security product, but rather uses old-time looking footage to teach a few basics of personal cyber security.

Internet Privacy Prank by Buzzfeed

They said: The Buzzfeed team got together to prank some unsuspecting people on the street and show them just how easy (and somewhat frightening) it can be to find out just about anything about just about anyone online; remember to check your privacy settings, folks!

Cyber Security Summit by Kapersky

They said: The cool, Tron-like visuals make this compelling animated cyber security short really stand out in a crowded space.

Our security is in the Network by Cisco

They said: Cyber security can be complicated, and no one knows that better than Cisco. In this short advert they quickly convey their expertise in the topic.

Security by Facebook

They said: Don’t be fooled by the simple animation style, this Facebook short delivers solid messaging though a selection of handy tips.


Cyber Security 360 By JTI

They said: Smart graphics in this intriguing piece from JTI are given a very contemporary spin through the smart use of 360 technology.


Internet Security by Norton

They said: Who doesn’t love a celebrity cameo? Combine that with a magical unicorn and you’ve got yourself a commercial that people will pay attention to. This ad from Norton makes use of metaphor to remind you to secure your online assets.

Passwords by Habitu8

They said: The backbone of our personal cyber security responsibility, Habitu8 imagined a world where our weak and abandoned passwords are personified, and it is hilarious. (warning: this version is not clean)

National CyberSecurity Awareness Month by The Obama White House

They said: Not a corporate video, but as this smooth talker walks through some basic cybersecurity information you’ll feel yourself lulled into a sense of… security.


The Cyber Kill Chain by Panda Security

They said: Cool 3D graphics and a smart music choice power this slick Panda Security explainer animation, delivering a complex message in a straightforward way.


Without the Best Cyber Security, Bad things happen (Art thief edition) by Check Point Software

They said: Check Point Software Technologies created a series of short (30 second) videos that show what happens when you don’t have adequate cyber security.

Cyber security by La Trobe

They said: A very effective use of music and brooding visuals make this dramatic La Trobe film stand out from the crowd.

Donning the Digital Mask: Anonymous by Chris Finn

They said: Rather than focusing on what you can do to prevent cyberattacks, this film shines a light on the group of pranksters/hackers/activists known as Anonymous.

Cyber Security Game trailer by BeOne

They said: A cheeky, very dramatic trailer for a cyber security educational VR game for employees from BeOne. A smart product promoted in a cool manner!


How Russia Hacked America by the Atlantic

They said: Seemingly an update to the now outdated whiteboard animation, this complex infographic-style animation from The Atlantic breaks down how Russia hacked the 2016 American election, and why it matters.


Cyber Security by HP

They said: HP had a few impressive stats to share back in 2014, and this short ad has some great visuals to underline those points.


Smarter Planet Smarter Cyber Security by IBM

They said: The shortest video on the list, the colourful visuals work really well in landing the message that IBM are spotting thousands of threats every day.


See Kevin Hack Live by Kevin Mitnick

They said: Few methods are more effective than a live demonstration. While this video is very long, we suggest skipping to the 3 minute mark to see how easy it is to hack into a remote computer.


Cyber Security 1 by LSTCNVRSTN

They said: I would say that it’s rare for videos of any kind (particularly animation) to remain relevant and visually appealing even a couple of years after publication. This video is an exception to the rule.


Cybersecurity Explainer by Connect

They said: A stylishly animated short from Connect, this classy explainer delivers a clear and crisp message in under its 90 second run time.


Protection test by Kapersky Lab

They said: Slick, creepy and effective: this protection test from Kapersky Lab is hard to look away from!


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