We asked our explainer video production team to head out into the internet on a voyage of discovery and find the explainer animations that really inspire them. They selected these 32 examples.



They said: Beautiful environment design and love the stripped use of the colour palette.



They said: Aside from the pretty colourful watercolour paint style, we most love the fact it’s voiced by ‘real people’ working at Selfridges. Super effective and engaging.



They said: This animation perfectly explains digital currency. The message and voiceover are strong and I felt totally engaged right through to the end.



They said: We totally fell in love with these characters.



They said: Abstract elements working harmoniously with illustrative assets and subtle and effective sound design. What’s not to love?



They said: We like this one because it’s so dynamic and playful. We also really like the bright colours, shapes and gradients – and the animation itself is exceptionally well done.

Thor Token


They said: Another really nicely animated one, with excellent blend of a 2D look in 3D space. This one also has really good sound design, both in the music and subtle sound effects.



They said: Nice little explainer for an app. No voiceover, but nicely animated and smooth, with a very slick design.



They said: Really nice, thorough animation. It has characters and abstract shapes and ways to explain a very complex idea which works very well for it.



They said: Very simple but friendly and to the point.



They said: Nice explainer with great use of textures and a lot of character animation.

Meet Bixby


They said: Expertly animated and very slick looking. Works great for a tech product.

What is MS?


They said: Nice explainer visualising a complex medical issue in a simple and abstract way, also demonstrating the effect on people’s lives.

Square Online


They said: Mixed media piece which is incredibly effective. Covers filmed content, examples of interface and animated elements.



They said: Very detailed illustration style, with some lovely 3D environments and camera moves.



 They said: Lovely abstract and modern style that demonstrates the product in action.

Croxley Recycling


They said: This animation is a great way to show a process, with really nice transitions and a quick pace.



 They said: Great animation for a cyber security business. The style works very well and the sound design really adds to the whole thing.



They said: This video looks deceptively simple, but there is so much great animation involved in it. The transitions in particular are fantastic.



 They said: This animation uses a really nice limited colour palette in its brand colours, which works great for it.



They said: A great mixed media piece with 3D animation and filmed content. Using realistic visuals in an abstract way is very interesting.

A History of ‘Spinny Things’


They said: Animation has an amazing way of helping you digest lots of information, quickly and simply. We really love the way this animation is a 2 min visual history lesson.

Beech Nut


They said: Another mixed media piece with 2D animation over a live action background. It’s very effective in making the brand feel genuine and organic.



They said: We’ve just never seen anything like this, and the slo-mo character section is so much fun. We love that a big company took a chance being super creative to explain something so functional like networks and data.



 They said: This one is a few years old but we love the colour and movement throughout.

Death Explained


 They said: We know this one is pretty dark but we like the use of animation to overlay anonymous interviews.

NYT and Singapore Airlines


They said: IT’S JUST SO SO PRETTY! The art direction is beautiful, the colour palette stunning and in such a short amount of time you get an understanding of what the airline is all about.

Trendy Butler


They said: There is great detail in the background and the characters’ movement is pretty natural. There are also a number of perspective changes that make it more interesting to watch than a typical explainer.



They said: Nice use of different animation styles, from illustrative to cut-out.



They said: Eye catching colour and great use of shapes from 2D -2.5D make this animation really pop.



They said: Lovely example of a quality animation that tackles a risqué subject matter. Really professional, fun and informative.



They said: The flow of this big bold explainer about a boutique consulting firm is spot on, the use of colour and flow perfectly implemented.



They said: Simple and subtle grid and line based animation, staged beautifully and underpinned with a gorgeous music track make this text led explainer a hit.

Auto Finance


They said: As explainers go, this one is pretty bang on. Everything works perfectly in harmony – beautiful art direction, slick transitions, clear narrative and subtle sound design.



They said: We really enjoyed the great character animations mixed with seamless transitions between scenarios in the film. The light and bright VO seals the deal.

Samsung Bixby


They said: So simple, so gorgeous, the animation somehow gives a sense of what Samsung’s Siri clone is capable of -without saying a word.



They said: We love the seamless flow created from start to finish. The illustrative style is very different too. Creates a very dynamic layered feel.



They said: It all comes together in this one. Motion, graphics, sound, music and video. It really shows how Apple has been able to keep its brand minimalistic and always on top.

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