Animated explainer videos are a powerful way for businesses to communicate with their audiences. An explainer video can help you achieve a number of different objectives. It can, for example, introduce new products or services, make an internal announcement or build brand awareness. When done well (and why do them any other way?) explainer videos are engaging and memorable. This is not the easiest thing in the world to achieve but a growing number of brands are getting it right.

As an experienced , the team here at TopLine has put together a list of what they think are some of the best explainer videos out there. Sit back, watch and enjoy – there’s a lot to learn by seeing how other brands ace it.


  1. Price & Cost by Illo


Spreadsheets are a dull topic on the best of days, but this video does an amazing job at making the topic look colourful and exciting.

  1. Amazon Smart Home by Curator Pictures


Perfectly on-brand, this video presents a clever case study of what someone’s life might look like in an Amazon smart home.  The characters really add personality to this piece, actively interacting with each other and the product.

  1. Casper: Great Sleep by Oddfellows


Integrating live action and animation can be very tricky, but this video has made it work seamlessly. It’s a very effective visual treatment and does a great job at engaging the viewer and advertising the brand.

  1. Norwegian Airlines by Not Real


The messaging of this video ties in nicely with the visuals. It’s all about family, so the papercraft style is a great match – making it feel homely and genuine.

  1. Shopify: Build a Bigger Business by Yaniv Friedmann


This video is a hybrid between a hype piece and an explainer, only giving you a taste of what it’s actually about. It’s a clever tactic, involving the viewer and inspiring them in the process.

  1. Likely Loans by Seed Animation Studio


Humour is often difficult to pull off when it comes to explainers, but this is a great example of how it can work really well! This video really stretches the limits of its audience’s imagination and delivers some good laughs.

  1. Waze Carpool by NOMINT


Now for something a little different! This explainer deserves a mention as one of the most entertaining videos out there. It keeps you guessing by constantly mixing media and taking things in unexpected directions.

  1. Google Material Design by Sander van Dijk


This is an explainer with a stellar script. It takes a large, abstract concept, simplifies it without narrowing it down, and perfectly marries the visuals to the voiceover.

  1. Newton in Space by Beakus


Perhaps the purest form of the explainer video is the educational variety. This video was made for the Royal Observatory Greenwich and is aimed at a younger audience. As such it has a simple script, but still a very effective one. It also looks fantastic.

  1. Prescribe Wellness by The Furrow


Interesting transitions can do wonders for engagement in an animation. This video plays with perspective and scale with great results.


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