Promotional animations are a great tool for explaining what your business does. They don’t tend to be too long, and can help translate big ideas into a format that is easy to watch and share online. They also have the added benefit of being evergreen content, given they don’t feature employees (or a client) who might leave the company in the future.

If you’re thinking about making your own promotional animation video, a good starting point is to look at other animations to get some ideas. As a video animation company, we try and keep an eye on the latest and best promotional animations that companies are putting out.

Here are our top five favourite promotional animations for you to take inspiration from.

Meet Bixby

This promotional animation video about Bixby, Samsung’s AI assistant, makes a great case for simplicity. It doesn’t even use a voiceover, only text, but isn’t at all boring. It’s a great, stylish looking animation, that gets the job done.

Airbnb Pacific

Airbnb recently made a series of short promos (emphasis on the word ‘short’, as this video comes in at only 15 seconds). They’re full of character, with great pacing, design and animation. Plus, the script is succinct and gets the message across in a very short space of time.

LinkedIn Slider

LinkedIn created an animation specifically to promote the ‘slider’ tool that it offers on its platform. The graphics are clear and simple, but still tie in with the brand.

Google / Android Wear

This one’s from a little while ago, but it’s so good we thought a throwback was in order. Google put together this energetic but goofy mixed media piece to announce its own wearable range. There’s no voiceover, just a great animation, bright colours and a memorable soundtrack. A job well done.


You’ll have to indulge us for a moment here, as this promotional animation video is one of our own. This Golfbidder promotional animation is bright and colourful, while covering a lot of information without being overwhelming. If we do say so ourselves.

If you’re looking for a video animation company that can help you create a promotional animation video for your business, get in touch with Jamie, our MD.


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