As you know, at TopLine Film we gave up most of our hobbies to dedicate our free time to scouring the internet for beautiful, powerful videos to inspire us, spark our creativity and generally entertain us. But nothing quite prepared us for this video about…rice.

Here’s what we loved about this promo for Andy’s Charleston Gold Rice:

  • It’s beautiful: this video contains lovely shots and is very cinematic.
  • It’s credible: the interviews have been done well. The interviewees appear to be speaking from the heart – they aren’t being forced to say anything. They really believe what they are saying.
  • It tells a story: this video illustrates the farm to plate story very well, even showing how they cook the rice in their restaurant. This breaks the story up nicely, giving it a bit of unique flavour (!).
  • It uses drones the right way: we are all about content with a purpose here, and we often think the purpose of using drone footage is to showcase that the video production company has a drone. But in this instance, the use of drone is on point.
  • It achieves its purpose: the purpose of this video is almost certainly to leave the viewer wanting to try the rice – which is exactly how we felt after watching it.

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