Almost a third (32%) of marketers reported that video marketing delivers positive ROI according to a survey of 259 marketing professionals. That’s second only to email marketing at 42%, and well above paid search, events, social and media relations.

The survey, which was commissioned by TopLine Film, also revealed that 63% of marketing professionals claimed that their video marketing strategy was successful in 2019.

Securing budget was identified as the most difficult element of video marketing, with 35% of marketers reporting it as a challenge. Production and distribution followed closely at 34% and 29% respectively.

TopLine Film’s managing director, Jamie Field, commented on the results:

“It’s great to see that video is becoming a mainstream marketing tactic, with a significant proportion of marketers reporting that their video strategy is working. However, there is still work to be done. When it comes to securing budget, we always recommend putting numbers behind your video campaign – what is the worst and best possible outcome? And what is the investment associated with each?

“Once you have your scenarios modelled, these should be discussed with your video production team, as they should play an integral role in helping you drive your video strategy forward. They should do a lot more than just make a pretty video!”

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