Interreg is one of the key instruments of the European Union supporting cooperation across borders through project funding.  There are about 79 different cooperation programmes across Europe, including cross border, transnational and interregional programmes.

The Interreg France (Channel) England  (FCE) is one of those cross border programmes. The 2014 -2020 FCE programme, which is managed by Norfolk County Council, has funded high quality cooperation projects between France and the UK across specific objectives for Innovation, Social Innovation, Low Carbon Technologies, Heritage and Coastal and Transitional Water Ecosystems.

the FCE programme wanted to produce several videos to showcase projects across these specific objectives in order demonstrate to a broad audience the programme aims and impact.

Our approach

Once the FCE programme had selected the projects to film, we worked with their Communications Officer on interview questions for each video. As half the projects needed to be filmed in France, we needed to prep our content in both English and French before heading out to film. Prior to the planned shoots, we were also provided with background on each project, so we were fully up to speed.

We travelled around the UK and France, meeting with different project leads, conducting the onsite interviews and filming b-roll for each to capture the essence of each project. Yes, we did fly a drone over a river and yes, we did get in the water for the submerged shots of the fish.

We knew these films also needed to act as a mid-way ‘check-in’ to highlight achievements made in the first half of the project period. It was important that the videos delivered on messaging as much as the visuals. This meant having a member of the team onsite who was able to produce and direct interviews in French and liaise on the ground with the French project leads. Luckily at TopLine, we had that covered!

The result

The FCE team was really happy with the result as were each of the individual project leads. You can watch the videos here:


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