Professionalism, confidence, and trust: it’s what you deserve, according to The Watch Standard. Then they take 35 seconds to lay out how their service works – and we’re happy to give them the time.

  • It’s animation for grown-ups: people often think of animation as being silly and cartoonlike, but this video shows how it can be classy.
  • It’s stylish: the overall package – from the illustration style to timings, music, and voice-over – is sophisticated, just like the exquisite timepieces they buy and the people they buy them from.
  • It’s got character: we like the understated character designs, using silhouettes to disguise any specific features. Clearly, this brand isn’t brash or in-your-face (!).
  • It’s quick: our time is precious, and they don’t waste it. Respect. It’s really short yet still contains all the necessary information and an explanation of how it works.
  • It’s clever: That jittery look at the start? It’s done on purpose. They’ve used a slower frame rate effect. Some people like it, others don’t. Personally, we think it works well as a storytelling device. Nervous about selling your watch? By the end of the video, it’s all plain sailing.

Yes, this one’s worth a watch.

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