At TopLine Film, we are all about content with a purpose. We like to create videos to achieve a specific objective. And that objective is never to leave the viewer confused.  But we’re also fond of creative risk-taking, which is why we were happy to be left confused by this video:


It didn’t leave us wanting more. It left us entirely unsure of what we wanted. So we did what any self-respecting millennial would do: we put down our avocado toast and we googled “Hedvig” which immediately established that this is an insurance company. Not only did we google Hedvig, we also visited their website and then re-watched their videos. Bravo guys!


We suspect this video was shot on film – it looks that way, with its 1970’s vibe (are we right? We love being right). It has the target audience spot on. The deadpan comedy tone works so well. The casting is on point – the talent really makes this. The messaging is subtle in contrast to the brash style adopted by many insurance companies. This feels like the anti-insurance company.

Thanks for the creative inspiration Hedvig.

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