Twenty-eight million people (and counting) have watched the original video by Dollar Shave Club, but this is not about that video. This is another of their greats. We think it deserves its own recognition.

  • It’s honest: there’s a clear objective – sell more razors for Father’s Day. We like it when a video has a defined purpose. One should form the backbone of any distribution strategy.
  • It celebrates real people: as a Dad myself, I relate! People really aren’t celebrating the dad bod. The video uses comedy to broach a slightly embarrassing topic. The tone is just right; silly but stylish. (And maybe even sexy. Yes, I have this on good authority.)
  • It sets the scene: I really like the opening, with the text definition of It’s classy and dictionary serious . . . until it isn’t. The staging is really well done, with great use of studio lighting to reveal people at specific times.
  • It has energy: from the catchy music with its relevant lyrics to the cleverly choreographed Bollywood dancing, the video has you nodding along – and that’s the sign of an engaged audience who is going to watch right to the end.
  • It embraces diversity: The actors they use are fab. For a video that is all about celebrating diversity and different body types, they nailed it with their choice of talent.

The video is so silly it’s serious. This is a quality production for a brand that clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously. A nice touch is at the end where the cast all burst into laughter. Rightly so, it’s so absurd and wonderful.

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