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Our brand video production team at TopLine has the experience and capabilities to deliver truly impactful brand videos that enhance your reputation and appeal. We will go beyond the visuals and elements of the individual brand video and develop content that fits into your wider video strategy. We’ll look at everything from the emotional response you want the video to trigger to device type (around half of all video plays are now on mobile according to Ooyala), your cross-channel distribution strategy and how this video can provide additional value to the viewer (e.g. through use of personalisation).

We’ve worked with over a thousand organisations, and our videos have been viewed and shared tens of millions of times. They have doubled landing page conversions, generated hundreds of thousands of new social followers, changed perceptions en masse and delivered measurable increases in leads and job applications. Our clients love working with us because we are professional, flexible (we’ll work through the night, over weekends or sleep on a boat if that’s what’s required to get your video done), but also honest and realistic – we’ll work to deliver the best brand video production for your budget.

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Our brand video production tips

Make it emotional

Video is the ideal medium for branded content because of its ability to trigger an emotional response. It’s therefore always a good idea to decide what core emotion you want your video to evoke and then tell your story with that emotion in mind. Use human characters, music and voice over to further reinforce that emotional story and make sure the whole video production team understands that this is the core objective.

Build trust

Brand video production is a reputation exercise: it’s all about building trust and credibility. To do this you need to demonstrate that you understand your customer, you know what their needs are, and that you are willing and able to help them. And you need to do this early in the video: research shows that even if viewers only watch the first few seconds of your video, it still impacts their perception of your brand.

Consider all formats

You might have a clear idea of what you want for your branded video, but it’s worth zooming out to consider how best you can achieve your objectives. Animation offers branding opportunities that aren’t available with live action. Culture videos can be more informal and include spoofs, comedy and testimonials. Short documentaries and origin stories work well in some instances. And if you can incorporate user-generated content then the video will be more authentic.

Add value

Whether your branded content comes in the form of ads, explainers, promo videos, social video or something more immersive like virtual reality and 360, it’s essential that it adds value to the viewer. That value can come in the form of entertainment, education or inspiration. And of course, whatever your idea is, make sure it can be achieved within your time, resource and budget constraints.

Outcomes matter

Your brand video is an investment, and therefore need to be assessed for the benefits it delivers. Outcomes matter just as much as creatives and production value. Make your video work hard with an integrated, cross-channel distribution plan and measure how it’s performing (we tend to look at views, reach, view through rate, engagements, social shares and of course conversions).

Go for quality

Like all content marketing, a brand video is a reflection on your company, which means it needs to be produced to the standards that anyone dealing with your company would expect. It’s very easy to spot a low budget production and consumers are not forgiving of pixelated footage, colour tone or sound issues – in fact, a poorly crafted brand video can have a negative impact on your brand.

We’ve worked with TopLine on quite a few projects, mainly on digital animations. They are great to work with, and always deliver on budget and on time. They are flexible, accommodating, and take the time to understand our requirements.

Andy Woodbridge Senior Brand Development and Media Manager, Cambridge University Press

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