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When you work with TopLine, you work with an acclaimed corporate video production company that boasts decades of experience and loads of passion. We are trusted by thousands of brands to design metrics-based video strategies and deliver exceptional video content. View our video portfolio to see what we’ve been up to (our videos have collectively accumulated tens of millions of views), or read our testimonials to get a feel for the level of service, flexibility and creativity you can expect when you work with TopLine.

Our digital strategists will be on hand to assist you with your entire video marketing strategy – from design to planning, implementation, measurement and reporting. Our video production process includes strategy planning, ideation (we have highly trained brainstorm facilitators on staff), drafting your video script and filming as well as editing and animating in post production. And we can assist you with hosting, distribution and video SEO.

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Our corporate film production tips

Set your objectives

Are you looking to close a deal (case study or testimonial videos), raise your profile or associate your business with a concept or emotion (brand video), or teach your customers or staff how to do something (explainer or training videos)? Whatever you’re trying to achieve with video, it’s essential to define this, and how you will measure success, before you get started.

Secure your budget

Research has proven that quality matters when it comes to corporate videos. Poor production value is easy to spot and reflects badly on your brand. We’re not saying you need to splash out on a major production with special effects and months of animation. But doing it on a shoestring is hard and will require a lot of compromise that will ultimately detract from the end goal.

Tell a story

Even the most mundane elements of your business can be humanised through clever use of storytelling. Stories are memorable and if you can weave an engaging story into your corporate video, you’ll captivate your audience and be much more likely to achieve your objectives.

Engage stakeholders

We understand how important it is to get buy-in from stakeholders throughout the corporate video production process. By setting objectives and KPIs and being up front about budgets, you are much more likely to be successful. And we have a few tricks up our sleeve for keeping stakeholders informed and happy.

Produce for distribution

We are much more than just a corporate video production company and that’s because we insist on producing every video with the distribution plan in mind. Whether your video will be live streamed, published to your website, shared on your intranet, promoted via TikTok, broadcast on an established television channel, or through a custom video hub we always like to understand the distribution strategy (we can advise on this) before we get started, as this will inform many of the decisions that have to be made during the production process.

Think beyond the visuals

Your video is about much more than beautiful visuals (although this is important). Think about how you can make your video work hard for your company. Personalisation (where elements of the video are customised to the particular viewer), interactive content (where the audience can complete forms embedded within the video) and call-to-action buttons (also embedded) can be the difference between a nice piece of content and a lead generator. Any corporate video production company should make these options available to you.

Measure what counts

It’s great to know how many views your video has had, but there is so much more information you can gather from smart video analytics tools. Where are you losing your audience? Which devices is your video being viewed on? Where are your viewers located and how are they finding your video? All of this data should be captured, analysed, reported on and used to optimise and improve your video marketing strategy.

Optimise for Google

If your video is being published to your website, it presents a search engine optimisation opportunity. In fact, video can make an extremely powerful contribution to your overall SEO strategy. Seize this opportunity by producing transcriptions and captions, publishing and optimising the meta data and video xml sitemaps, and of course, making your video so watchable and shareable that viewers indicate to Google by their actions that it’s worth ranking.

I only have positive things to say about TopLine. We pushed the team hard on timelines to animate a new video explaining what Carfused (part of Confused.com) is and we are really happy with the results. The team are easy to work with, responsive to feedback and love the creativity they bring to the table.

Matthew Crole Rees Head of ECRM, Confused.com

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