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Our specialist b2b team brings decades of video, content, scripting and distribution experience to your video project. We will help you design a clear video strategy, implement it, and then measure ROI.

Our clients consistently recommend us, or return for additional projects thanks to our “ability to understand complex concepts”, our “excellent service levels” and our “genuine focus on delivering returns”.  Whether you need to convince IT directors to visit a datacentre, explain a new AI-technology to accountants, get HR teams excited about your platform, or convince the finance director to sign that PO, a good b2b video can help.

Contact our managing director, Jamie, on hello@toplinefilm.com to get started on your b2b video today, or keep reading for our b2b video production tips.

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Our b2b video production tips

Keep it interesting

B2B doesn’t have to mean boring. In fact, you could argue that because of the subject matter, it’s worth putting extra effort into making the content interesting. Tell a story, use metaphors and analogies, evoke emotion and surprise and delight the viewer. There are plenty of opportunities to be creative with B2B video.

Keep it genuine

The b2b buyer holds a lot of responsibility. She typically needs to make significant purchasing decisions on behalf of her organisation and she is motivated to research each alternative thoroughly before making a recommendation. Your video therefore needs to be authentic and all claims need to be based on solid foundations.

High production value

The quality of your b2b video reflects the quality of your product or service. That means it’s worth investing in a production that will impress the viewer and drive them to take action. While a freelance videographer might be appropriate for some b2b video briefs, it’s worth engaging a professional and experienced b2b video production company for more specialist projects.

Video that works hard

Whether you are using video to generate b2b leads (read more about using video for lead gen), elevate your brand, increase website conversions or extend your customer lifetime value, you need to consider how your video will deliver your goals. You might need to focus your efforts on video SEO, distribution via YouTube and other social networks, or embedding forms and CTAs into your videos.

We were seriously impressed by the quality of the case study videos that TopLine produced for us. The team were highly professional, diligent and enthusiastic. They were a real joy to work with and I can confidently recommend them.

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