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You’ve done a great job. You’ve wowed your customer. And now you want to capture that story with a professional and beautiful video case study that you can use to generate more leads. If you want to do it properly, you need to work with a case study video production company that will treat your customer like its own and deliver an end product that they will be proud of, and that you will be excited about sharing with prospects.

Our case study video production team has worked with clients that include American Express, Gatwick Airport and Virgin and we are proud that every one of our clients would recommend us.

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Our case study video production tips

Keep it human

A case study video is about telling relatable stories from your customer’s perspective. Rather than going into detail about your company, your products or your services (all of this information is readily available on your website), focus on the human element of how you have helped your customer.

Be honest

Every project has its challenges, and it’s often tempting to gloss over these. However, case study videos are more engaging and memorable if you keep them authentic: discuss the challenges you encountered – and show how you overcame them. This isn’t a shiny marketing video – you need the story to resonate with viewers.

Go beyond your client

If you are producing a B2B video case study, think beyond how you have helped your client and look at how you have impacted their customers as well. This shows the wider benefits of working with your company and will quickly catch prospects’ attention (they really care about their own customers!).

Include stats

While it’s wonderful to have a customer singing your praises, your video will be vastly more powerful if you can support this qualitative endorsement with quantitative facts and figures. When it comes to case study video production, this information can be expertly woven into the narrative using animation and motion graphics.

Surprise viewers

A typical case study video will include an interview with the customer backed by supporting footage, cut-aways and a bit of music. But we encourage our clients to go beyond the expected and consider including animation, motion graphics, vox pops and a host of other surprising elements in their case study videos.


Yes, you can make a case study video on a shoestring. But we know that quality is particularly important in this instance. Both your final video and the entire case study video production process reflect on your business. Take the opportunity to create something high end while making the process feel premium for your customer.

Work with sales

Your sales team will ultimately be the people using your case study as they move prospects through the sales funnel. We therefore recommend that you get them involved at the pre-production stage. They might not know the details of this project, but they will be the experts on what messages prospects need to hear.

Make it convert

We are all about video metrics and adding calls-to-action to your marketing content. When it comes to case studies, which are typically best used in the “conversion” stage of your sales funnel, consider whether you can make it interactive – your case study is about persuading prospects who are considering your company, but it can also generate direct leads.

We were seriously impressed by the quality of the case study videos that TopLine produced for us. The team were highly professional, diligent and enthusiastic. They were a real joy to work with and I can confidently recommend them.

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