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We help charities with branding videos, case studies, hard-hitting documentaries and campaign videos. Our DBS-checked team is sensitive and adept at working with vulnerable people. They are also experienced at filming in even the most challenging environments, from prisons to ships on the open water to tightly controlled laboratories that require hazmat gear.

Our clients consistently recommend us – they have called us “hard working”, “sensitive”, and “a pleasure to work with”.

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Our charity video production tips

Stir up emotions

Charities, perhaps more than any other organisation types, all have a stirring story to tell. Use your video to move people, evoke emotions and get them to take action.


Many charities have to educate their audiences about complex subjects. Animation offers a perfect medium with which to bring these subjects to life. Our animators are able to turn even the most complex briefs into engaging, watchable content.

Go interactive

From fundraising to getting people to sign petitions, adding an interactive functionality to your charity video (a CTA or embedded form) can have a significant impact on the success of your campaign.


It’s important to ensure that all people in your audience can access your content, which means that you need to consider accessibility (from captions to audio descriptions to how the content is delivered) when planning your charity video.


Charity videos can work very well on certain social networks, like Instagram and Facebook. It’s therefore important that your videos are edited and tailored to get maximum engagement on your chosen distribution platforms.


As a charity, you will often have to use volunteers and case studies in your videos. It’s important that these people are treated sensitively throughout the filming process – make the whole experience a positive one for them by making it easy for them and ensuring they feel valued for their contribution.

We’ve worked with TopLine to produce some creative content which has been very well received both within RNIB and externally.  They are great at understanding what it is that we need to get across, and helping us to achieve that through film. They are also lovely people and very easy to work with.

Julie Sander Audio Visual Producer, RNIB

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