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From Kickstarter to Crowdcube, Indiegogo or Crowdfunder, campaigns with video are simply more likely to succeed. But we offer more than your typical crowdfunding video production service. That’s because we can draw on the skills of our sister company (a digital PR and SEO agency) that has worked with over 100 fast-growing start-ups. So, in addition to producing a premium crowdfunding video, we can also help you get your crowdfunding campaign in front of potential investors quickly.

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Our crowdfunding video production tips

Show yourself

Your investors need to feel like they know you. If they are going to part with their cash, they need to trust the person behind the business they are investing in. With crowdfunding campaigns you are targeting thousands of investors at one time, so it’s impossible to meet them all in person. Therefore, use your video to make a good impression.

Tell a story

To forge a deeper connection with potential investors tell them why you believe in this product, service or business model. Stories are memorable and people like to retell them. So if you can include a good story in your crowdfunding video, people are much more likely to share it. It might even stand a chance of going viral.

Messaging is key

If you want to turn viewers into backers, then you need to nail the messaging in your crowdfunding pitch. Investors using this model are typically driven by an emotional connection with the product, so it’s important to make this connection in your video.

Make it easy to invest

Have a clear call to action. Tell the investor what they stand to gain and how they can go about investing. We highly recommend testing your script on potential investors before proceeding with your crowdfunding video production.

Include testimonials

One way of showcasing your product at its best is by getting current customers to talk about how it helps them. If you’re still in the early stages of development and don’t have any customers, simply interview prospects about the problem your product is designed to solve.


Show your product in action. How will it work? Who will use it? How will it make their lives easier? Save them time? Save them money? Or simply make them happier? The more prospects understand about your product, the more likely they are to buy into it.

Provide financial projections

Financial projections show what the business could achieve. These are especially important for equity crowdfunding. They need to be realistic and easy to understand, which is why we usually recommend motion graphics for these.

Invest in your video

Put your money where your mouth is with a compelling video. More than half of consumers believe the quality of your video reflects the quality of your brand. So going cheap is a false economy.

TopLine operate with the utmost professionalism and in a very friendly manner. They are approachable, flexible and very clued in to latest technologies and strategies. Highly recommended.

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