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Our team of health and safety video production specialists have produced videos on process safety, driving safety, working at height, emergency procedures and muster points, fire safety, general office safety, lone working and manual handling. We produce beautiful induction videos (yes they can be beautiful) and one-off videos to raise awareness of new risks in your workplace. We will work with your team to adapt your manuals and presentations into something more memorable.

Our clients have called us “reliable,” “professional – even in quite testing circumstances” and “thorough”, and our team can’t wait to get started on your health and safety video production brief.

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Our health and safety video production tips


Your health and safety video doesn’t need to be boring. Tell human stories, add emotion (after all, health and safety is about protecting the welfare of your team), and use interactivity.


We believe in continuously improving, and recommend using powerful analytics tools to identify which messages are getting the most engagement, and which need to be reworked.


It’s much cheaper to buy an off-the-shelf health and safety video, but remember that this video is a reflection on your employer brand – customise it for better results.


If you have complex concepts that need to be understood, then 2D or 3D animation offers an excellent choice. Animation is also useful for reconstructions.

Go modular

We always recommend keeping your health and safety videos modular so that they can be easily updated over time as things change in your business.

Use talent

Some of the best health and safety video use scenarios, actors or on-screen presenters. These professionals are experts at making engaging video content.


Your health and safety video is an internal comms video, which means it needs to represent your brand, its values and its position.

Tailor for distribution

Will your health and safety video be distributed on your intranet? Your website? Your e-learning system? Or at company presentations? Define the distribution strategy in advance so that the video can be correctly tailored.

We were seriously impressed by the quality of the case study videos that TopLine produced for us. The team were highly professional, diligent and enthusiastic. They were a real joy to work with and I can confidently recommend them.

Xero Emma Izatt

To get started with your health and safety video production, contact our managing director, Jamie, for a quick quote.

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