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We have worked with over a thousand companies over the last decade, managing over 3,000 shoots and delivering more than 5,000 videos and we consistently leave our clients delighted with the results.

From human resources video production to corporate videos and brand animations, our team is experienced, creative, professional and honest – to us, your project is an exciting challenge that we want to solve together. We will make sure your project is a success, and can even set up measurement and analytics systems so that you can split test thumbnails and messaging and track a host of KPIs that your board will love.

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Our tips for human resources video production

Quality matters

The best company culture videos include interviews with current employees. We always recommend a quality production with a professional shoot that leaves your team (your most important ambassadors and advocates) feeling important and empowered.

Launch internally first

To get your team genuinely excited about the project (and to give them the opportunity to feed back), we suggest your human resources video is launched internally before wider release. Smart distribution is essential to the success of any video project.

Connect emotionally

Video is an incredibly powerful medium because it allows you to create an emotional connection with the viewer.  Identify your primary audience (current employees, leadership team, candidates) and work on building that relationship.

Tell a story

Regardless of the audience, consider the story when developing your video’s narrative. What is the untold story that’s important to your business or this project? Is it something that can’t easily be gleaned from your website?

Team effort

Every member of your team is an expert on what it’s really like to work for your company. Get colleagues to help brainstorm ideas around what the video will actually be about, what to include and what style to take.

Hack it

You can hack so many parts of the HR process with video. Consider whether personalised or interactive content can save you time, streamline your HR processes, or simply leave a lasting impression on the viewer.

Measure and improve

Video has become a strategic tool precisely because it is now possible to measure every element of its impact: which parts are the most engaging? At what point are people losing interest? And have people watched to the end?

Work with pros

Choose a human resources video production company that understands the unique challenges faced by the HR department. They should feel like an extension of your team and you should fully trust that they will be professional in dealing with colleagues and other stakeholders.

I only have positive things to say about TopLine. We pushed the team hard on timelines to animate a new video explaining what Carfused (part of Confused.com) is and we are really happy with the results. The team are easy to work with, responsive to feedback and love the creativity they bring to the table.

Matthew Crole Rees Head of ECRM, Confused.com

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