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Our testimonial video production services have been honed over the last decade. We have worked with a huge range of companies, conducting thousands of interviews and producing quality testimonial and case study videos that amplify our clients’ messages.

We have also developed a solid production process that means we are able to offer a regular testimonial video production service on a subscription basis to companies that want to keep their content fresh.

We’re not the cheap solution to your testimonial video production requirements – we know  that the quality of your videos reflects your brand, and doing them on a tight budget can be detrimental – but we offer excellent value for money and we know how important it is to treat your valued customer like royalty throughout the process.

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Our testimonial video production tips

Set objectives

Any strategy starts with objectives and a video marketing strategy is no different. Why are you investing in testimonial videos? Who do you want to see them? And what do you want them to think, feel and do after watching them? How will you get these videos in front of the right audience? Your objectives will inform everything from format and style to distribution, which is why it is so important to be clear on them from the start.

Find ambassadors

We will help you find interviewees and gauge how they will come across on film. It can be tempting to ask your happiest customers to get involved, but keep in mind that you need a customer who is relatable and comes across as confident and genuine while delivering the most compelling message. We would typically start with a pre-interview over Skype where we assess their suitability, build rapport and get them excited about the project.

Keep it natural

Your customer testimonial needs to be honest, authentic, and impactful. That means you need to encourage your customer to isolate the message you want them to convey, while still keeping it genuine. Avoid scripting it at all costs, and don’t use a teleprompter which will make the whole production seem wooden and staged.

Direction matters

A good director should work with you to script the questions, making sure they are designed to get the interviewee talking about the benefits to them, rather than the features of your product or service. They’ll be skilled at using prompts to keep the video on message, getting soundbite-worthy responses, while avoiding marketing speak.

Make it easy

Your customers are busy, and they’re doing you a favour by getting involved in your testimonial video production. So make it easy for them to participate. We’ll travel to their home or workplace, rent a studio around the corner from them, and fit the whole thing around their schedule, even if that means we have to work late or weekends.

Make it fun

We always recommend that you use the whole testimonial video production process as an opportunity to further connect with your customer and thank them for their input and support. Make it a premium experience for them: treat them like celebrities; provide hair and make-up services; and buy them a proper coffee (in a keep-cup) while they wait for things to get started!

Make them work

A testimonial video is not a decoration for your landing page. It’s an essential element of your video strategy. So you need to be thinking about how it’s going to work for you. Should it end with a call to action? What should the opening and closing sequences include?

Get competitive

While it might seem un-British to slate the competition on your website, customer testimonials offer an excellent opportunity to show how you stack up in the market. We always encourage interviewees to talk about why they chose you over all the alternatives on offer.

Tailor for distribution

The testimonial video production process should be fully tailored to your distribution strategy. A video that works well on your landing page might not do so well on social media where videos are often viewed without sound. Your production company should be thinking about distribution throughout.

Quality matters

Sloppy video content won’t cut it. Your video is a reflection of your brand and we believe the whole testimonial video production process is too. The audio should be crystal clear. If the interviewee is looking directly at the camera, you should use eye-direct to make it more natural. And you should take your video to the next level in post production.

Add colour

How do you weave supporting footage into the video to create a narrative? Sometimes a green screen works best for customer testimonials, as it allows you the freedom to choose the style of your background. Other times, filming the interview in the context of their workplace or home can be really impactful. We always aim to secure supporting footage (b-roll) that can be used alongside animation and effects for cut-aways.

Measure success

Continuously measure how your video is performing by capturing metrics such as engagement rate, click through rate, view through rate, and conversion rate. Expand on this data with qualitative feedback from your customer and from viewers, and make sure you tie it right back to your objectives.

We’ve worked with TopLine on quite a few projects, mainly on digital animations. They are great to work with, and always deliver on budget and on time. They are flexible, accommodating, and take the time to understand our requirements.

Andy Woodbridge Senior Brand Development and Media Manager, Cambridge University Press

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