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For companies that need to train team members at multiple locations, in different time zones or working on conflicting shifts, video offers an efficient way to reach them all. For those that need to get large numbers of staff or customers who speak multiple languages up to speed on a new process or system, video and animation can make this process easy. And for companies that need to get new starters up and running quickly, a corporate training video can be delivered without any delays. In all of these scenarios, video is the best solution because it ensures consistency of messaging while disseminating information to large groups of people.

Our training video production team will help you to create memorable, high-definition training videos that your employees, customers or prospects will simply love to watch. That’s because we believe that training videos should be enjoyable and inspirational as well as educational.

Our team comprises experts that are trusted by major global brands (e.g. Samsung, FSC), NGOs (e.g. RNIB), tech start-ups (e.g. GoCardless) and local government (e.g. Central Bedfordshire Council). We’ll go above and beyond to create corporate training videos that are compliant, comprehensive and engaging. And we’re just as comfortable working with your existing content as we are helping you to define your video training strategy.

Contact our managing director, Jamie, on hello@toplinefilm.com to discuss your requirements. Or keep reading for our training video production tips.

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Our training video production tips

Keep it fun

Your training video doesn’t have to be boring. Your audience will learn much more effectively when they are interested and engaged in the content in front of them. Tell a story. Mix styles (such as animation and talking heads). And add context and colour with supporting footage.

Know your audience

Need to train people in multiple languages with the same video? Teaching a team of engineers how to use a new software tool? The success of your training video production programme depends on how well you tailor your content to the specific needs of your audience.

Make it work

Use video analytics tools (we can recommend our favourites) to see how learners are progressing, and identify common drop out points so that you can optimise and improve. And add interactive features to enable learners to certify when they have completed a module.

Be strategic

Your audience is smart, savvy and overloaded with content. Your training videos need to stand out against the competition (and by competition we mean anything online that is vying for their attention). Consider how you’ll be different and memorable.


We know that not every training video is appropriate for external use. But we can help you build a strategy to monetise your training video content. It’s best to start thinking about monetisation before you even start filming.

Set up subscriptions

We can help you build your video library, advise on which platforms to use, and assist with setting up feedback loops for continuous optimisation. This is an excellent way to start delivering content online.

Car insurance is quite a dry subject and some of the information can be quite difficult to get across. So we worked with TopLine to produce some animated videos that explain our products to our customers. The end result was fantastic and TopLine were brilliant to work with.

Justin Beddows Head of Content and PR, Admiral

We’re training video production specialists and we’d love to hear about your project. Contact our MD, Jamie, to find out more.

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