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Our approach to educational video production is efficient and collaborative. We will do a free site visit if necessary, to scope out filming opportunities (choosing your filming location is important). We will then work with your educators – who are the ultimate subject matter experts – to understand what information needs to be conveyed and how best to do it – whether that includes animation, motion graphics, filmed content, interactive features, interviews or case studies, for example. We make sure that any content is then expertly tailored to your target market and your distribution method and we look for opportunities to reuse content across multiple videos.

We have worked with schools, universities and other higher education institutions, edutech start-ups and companies producing online courses for platforms like Udemy. They have called us “exceptional”, “expert”, “specialist” and “a dream to work with”. We would love to take on your educational video production brief. Email hello@toplinefilm.com to get in touch with one of our educational video production experts.

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Our educational video production tips

Lecture filming

Whether for MOOCs, distance learning, teacher training or catch-up lessons for absent students, high quality lecture videos can be produced quite cost effectively – especially when done in bulk. It’s always worth working closely with lecturers to help them present their content in a way that works well on film.

International content

Students might be consuming content from multiple locations internationally. It’s therefore worth considering immersive and interactive options to keep them engaged. And it’s also important to identify where subtitles are required and where cultural references need to be adapted to ensure maximum comprehension.

Student recruitment

Video can be an incredibly powerful student recruitment tool, enabling you to show off your campus, introduce your staff and share engaging endorsements from current students. It’s essential that these films are developed with the distribution strategy in mind: content that works well at education events might need to be adapted to perform on social media.

Alumni engagement

Your alumni are your biggest ambassadors – providing authentic, word-of-mouth endorsement of your education brand, and often financial endowments too. But alumni can often feel neglected by their institutions. Video offers an excellent way in which to keep them updated on school news and enlist their support in campaigns.

We’ve worked with TopLine on quite a few projects, mainly on digital animations. They are great to work with, and always deliver on budget and on time. They are flexible, accommodating, and take the time to understand our requirements.

Andy Woodbridge Senior Brand Development and Media Manager, Cambridge University Press

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