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From Olympia in London to Changi in Singapore and the Las Vegas Convention Centre, we’ve produced trade show videos that have been screened all over the world. And we’ve left our clients consistently delighted. They’ve described us as “professional”, “brilliant to work with”, “original” and “instrumental in sharing our message”.

We love the buzz of exhibitions and our team understands that video should complement your other activity at the event, by helping you engage new customers, strengthen relationships with current ones and build your brand.

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Our exhibition video production tips.

The role of video

There are many places where video might fit in the exhibition life cycle. Pre-event videos can be used to entice people to your booth. Displays enhanced by video content can be used to capture the attention of passing traffic. Or you could turn your stand into a studio for interviewing visitors and thought leaders (a great way to become a real crowd magnet at the show).

Forget the narrative

It’s not often we make this recommendation (because story is everything), but when you have a video display on your stand, narrative becomes less important. That’s because your video will be on a loop and visitors can start watching it at any point. You don’t want someone who walks past two thirds of the way into your video to get lost. So you need to make the message clear and consistent throughout.


Sound is another important element to think about. Exhibitions and trade shows are notoriously noisy, which means you can’t rely on your audio to get your message across. You also want to be able to attract people to your stand from a distance, where they will be able to see, but not hear your video. Use powerful visuals, captions and motion graphics rather than scripted audio.

Go all out

From setting up a studio on your stand and broadcasting your own live show at the event (if you do this, make sure you have access to the necessary bandwidth), to drones, gimbals and fully immersive experiences, video can be the hook that attracts visitors to your booth. You’ll need a professional video production company to pull this off, but it can be the difference between a good trade show experience and amazing one.

Capture leads

The primary reason you choose to be present at an exhibition is to generate new leads, and your video can help with this. Use interactive features to embed forms into your exhibition video, enabling you to collect contact details from interested prospects who have just been wowed by your content.

Promote on social

Exhibitions tend to gain a lot of traction on social media – reaching an exponentially larger audience than just the attendees. A well-timed, creative (or guerrilla) marketing video can allow you to piggyback on the reach and popularity of the official event, making your investment stretch even further.

Car insurance is quite a dry subject and some of the information can be quite difficult to get across. So we worked with TopLine to produce some animated videos that explain our products to our customers. The end result was fantastic and TopLine were brilliant to work with.

Justin Beddows Head of Content and PR, Admiral

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