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Our team is dedicated and creative. We will work with you to identify where your demo video sits in your video marketing strategy, to understand the target audience and to produce a cost-effective plan for creating your video content. We believe there is no need for your demo video to be boring. In fact, this type of video content offers a further opportunity to engage your customer, so consider how scenarios, music and animation can be used to keep it interesting.

Our clients have described us as “hard-working”, “perceptive”, “excellent value for money” and “wonderful to work with”. Contact us on hello@toplinefilm.com to discuss your demo video production requirements.

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Our demo video production tips

Solutions not features

Even in a demo video, it’s important that you show the user how the product will benefit them, rather than just listing its features – they are far more likely to engage with something that solves a problem for them.

Beware jargon

Your viewer might come to your demo video after identifying a new problem. That means they may be completely unaware of industry jargon. So the language you use in your demo video should be tailored to their level of understanding.

Plan for updates

Your product will no doubt evolve over time, which means your demo video strategy will need some built-in flexibility. Don’t make your videos so complex and high-end that updates are expensive and take ages to produce.

Know your audience

It’s essential to understand where the typical viewer is in your buyer’s journey. If your demo video is a mid-funnel piece of content designed to convert trial users, it will need to take a different approach to a video designed to showcase a new product feature to existing customers.

Length doesn’t matter

Except that it does. Just because someone has signed up for a trial of your product or service, doesn’t mean they will be willing to dedicate two hours to watching a painstaking walk-through of the entire thing. Focus on the best bits and save the rest for after the close.


It’s always a good idea to break your product features and benefits into smaller chunks and produce a series of demo videos to enable your users to easily pick and choose the most relevant bits for them.

It is a real pleasure to work with TopLine, as they are able to adapt to our needs so readily and effectively. Initially, they helped me by developing an explainer video and we were thrilled with the result which went beyond our expectations. As a result, we are now continuing to work together on other projects. Their creativity is first class and they are a great bunch of people. I have no hesitation in recommending TopLine to any company.

Daren Evans Marketing Communications Manager, Stannah

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