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We specialise in creating short, targeted content that is designed to engage viewers on social networks. We believe that social video must have a purpose. As well as capturing your audience’s attention, it needs to help generate leads, attract top talent, boost website conversions, or impress and inform viewers.

Our social media video production team has worked with start-ups like Xero, major brands like American Express and Johnson & Johnson, and our clients consistently rate us “excellent”, “easy to work with” and “highly creative”. To find out more about our social video marketing services, email us on hello@toplinefilm.com.

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Our social media video production tips


A video that works on Facebook may need an edit for Instagram and a whole new approach for Twitter. Each social platform has its own native video formats that are specifically designed to maximise distribution, shareability and audience engagement. It’s important to understand these formats before launching a social video campaign.

Quality matters

Social media have given brands unprecedented opportunities to reach huge numbers of potential customers and advocates. But consumers have high expectations for video quality on social – which means production value is important when it comes to planning your social video strategy.

Know your audience

Different demographics behave differently online, so it’s important to go beyond simply tailoring content to the platform, and to look at how your target audience uses social media as this will inform your video strategy.

Generate leads

The lead gen potential offered by social media is enormous. Whether paid or organic, social campaigns can be enhanced with features such as embedded forms or calls to action. These enable you to measure directly how your social video campaign is performing.

Mobile focus

Half of all visits to social sites are on mobile, which means any social video needs to be optimised for maximum performance on mobile devices. This means optimising format and content – people tend to use their mobile devices between other tasks so attention spans are short.


To build a loyal following and attract new audiences, your social media marketing efforts need to engage with people in the moment. For content to be shareable it needs to be high quality, remarkable, credible and timely.

TopLine helped our organisation produce a very specific teacher training resource, which consisted of four hour long films and 125 short films clips cut from these four films. TopLine also helped us with hosting the resource on our website. They were involved in every phase of producing this resource from pre-production all the way through to a lengthy post-production. Throughout the entire project, TopLine were very present and could always be easily reached – no query/request from us was too big or too small. The crew on filming days were excellent, professional and friendly. Any difficult elements of the project that came up were discussed and dealt with in a timely manner. Each member of the TopLine team was approachable and very easy to work with. We felt really looked after by TopLine throughout the whole project and we are extremely happy with the finished product.

Nicola Larkin UCL

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