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The power of YouTube

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world with over a billion users watching over five billion minutes of content each day. The only way to tap into this potential is to make videos. And the only way to truly succeed amongst all the other YouTube contributors is to make great videos. But even that’s not enough. You need a video strategy that covers everything from audience analysis to content creation and promotion.

Our approach to video strategy takes a step back to ensure that your video content is 100% aligned with your overall marketing objectives. In other words, we make sure that your video marketing strategy actually translates into leads.

1. Plan

Before you can power up that camera and shoot the lights out, you need a plan. We make it our mission as a leading video strategy company to understand your target audience, objectives, stakeholders, competitors and wider marketing goals. Our research is thorough and involves asking you a lot of questions. But rest assured, it all pays off.

Once we have immersed ourselves in your company, we can offer much more insight – and help you plot a KPI-led, successful video strategy.

2. Create

This is where we come in with guns blazing. Our video production team will create brilliant – yet relevant – video assets for you from start to finish. We have a unique advantage in that our video team is part of a larger communications agency. This means that we have plenty of in-house skills like scriptwriters, PR specialists and designers.

Should we need to pull in freelance support, we can tap into our international network of talented video production professionals. We’ve worked with them around the world in North America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia.

3. Amplify

Now that your video is in the bag and signed off, you need to get your content out there so your target audience can engage with it. How and where you distribute your video is crucial and this is where your amplification strategy comes in. This was agreed right in the beginning during the initial planning phase.

As with any content marketing strategy, we use a combination of PR, search, social, your own website, video cards, events, partnerships and email to reach a broad cross section of your target audience.

4. Improve

You want the best return on your investment which is why KPIs are important. With agreed upon metrics in place from the get go, we can improve your video’s level of engagement by creating a feedback loop in which we consistently measure results and improve upon them.

We are one of the few video production agencies that will commit to KPIs. But it’s in our DNA – we’re proud to have ‘driven by data’ as one of our core values.

Whether it’s a corporate video strategy or a brand video strategy you’re after, we can help.

We have experience in producing every type of video – including training videos, virtual reality videos and explainer animations, across a variety of sectors. This experience, combined with an in-house multi-specialised team of video and marketing professionals, means that we know how to delight our clients and deliver the goods.

We know that creating a successful video strategy is about much more than plotting great camera angles or hiring a talented sound engineer. (Although, we don’t underestimate their importance by any means!)

If you’d like to talk to a video strategy company that delivers results, get in touch with our MD, Jamie Field.

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